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Morocco is a small country (446550 km2) in the North of Africa and is often referred to as ‘The Gate to Africa’.  Morocco lies just 14km from Spain across the Gibraltar Strait with Algeria to the east, Mauritania to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

Morocco offers visitors a varied landscape from the seaside to the desert with 2 mountain ranges in between – the Atlas Mountains and the Rif Mountains. Its various natural resources include springs, mineral and dense forests of Cedar and Argan trees.

Morocco is ruled by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, crowned on July 30th, 1999; he is the 23rd king in the Alaouite dynasty which came to power at the beginning of the 17th century. The monarchy ensures the unity of the country, and the reign of Mohammed VI is marked by a desire to build a unified and modern democratic state, which respects its traditions and its identity.

The country has set among its top priorities the protection of its diversity and the preservation of its ‘Arab’ & ‘Berber’ cultural heritage.  There is a clearly noticeable difference between the cultures & traditions of the Arab & Berber people.  They do however, share the same Islamic religion and a welcoming and hospitable nature that Moroccans are famous for. There are no culture clashes here, just meetings and sharing.

Morocco’s strategic location has shaped its history.  Foreigners came to trade, settle or invade leaving footprints of different worldwide civilizations.  Dating back more than 10 centuries, thousands of monuments like Kasbahs, Ports, Old cities (Medina), Ramparts Castles and Mosques still remain throughout Morocco today.


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